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    Lily flower tea is a non-caffeinated drink that is well known for its ability to improve your skin conditions. It is used as an essential ingredient for many cosmetic products that aim to help with alleviating blemishes and skin healing.


    Aside from Lily’s benefits for the skin, the flower is excellent for nourishing the heart and keeping the blood pressure low.

    The aroma of Lily tea is another wonder that we would like for you to experience for yourself. Different from how the flower smells while blooming fresh, this tea gives a scent of oriental comfort with very minimal sweetness.

    Lily Tea

    SKU: T002
    • Tea Type: Herbal Tea

      Taste Notes: Oriental Medicinal

      Ingredients: Lily

      Origin: China

      Tea Varietal: Non-tea

      Form: Loose Leaf

      Infusion: 2-3 times

      Size: 50 flowers

      Caffeine Level: no caffeine

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